Things are changing around here

This seems to be the state of things in our home lately.
Every room in our home seems to be a little jumbled currently. Painting, tiling, new stuff coming in, old stuff going out (that's always hard for me), yes, things are changing around here.

Even my blog has taken a turn for change. Since I'm doing some sort of creative endeavor on a daily basis, it's seems fitting to blog about that. We'll see where this takes me. Thanks for accompanying me on this journey.

Here's a peek at my new desk, isn't she awesome? More about her later.

What's especially exciting for us around here has been the homecoming of our nephew Taylor who lives with us. He's been in Connecticut serving a mission for the past two years. He's more like our brother than a nephew, since he's not much younger than us. He's the brother Alex never had, oh how we've missed him. Now I just need to empty his room that I've taken over...


Alyssa said...

I don't know how you can make that clutter look so good. If I took a picture of any given room in my house it would never look so meaningful.

Natalie said...

You guys are amazing! I can't imagine having someone always living with me. You are so kind.