Our Little Botonist

I don't mind that he pulls up my bulbs, he's not destructive with them. He inspects them and studies all parts, from the roots to the petals. When I think about it, the homeschooling has already begun and we are well on our way. He's soaking in much more than I can see, but the small part that I am able to observe means more to me than I can express. His little brain is learning and developing fantastically.

And hurray for Springtime. And out-of-doors classrooms. And sunshine, dirt, sticks, waves, sand, rain, rocks and flowers. My little boys LOVES all of them.


Earth Hour

One hour without using electricity, it was a wonderful thing for our family.

This last hour we spent by candlelight was regrouping for us. We talked about our home and how comfortable we feel here and how fortunate we are to have this piece of Earth for ourselves. We examined areas we need to improve as a family, like emergency preparedness and food storage. We reflected on our goals and how we plan to accomplish them together. We discussed our garden and how to be more self-sufficient. We reviewed our financial goals and savings plans.

If you weren't able to spend this hour without electricity, I encourage you to! It truly allowed us to catch our breath and reminded us to slow down a little. We thoroughly enjoyed it and plan on spending this time without electricity more often.


Little Botanical Drawings

Burl and I have been busy blending oils and making candles the past few days. I'm working on getting a shop update done in the next few days. I'm always hesitant to share my work, I want things to be just so perfect. And they never are. I feel my crafts always have room for improvement, this is why I shy away from displaying them more often. But I'm trying to let go of that a little more. I've been inspired by the blogs and shops of other crafters, like here and here.

This lack of artistic self esteem is yet one more trait I've inherited from my mom. She's a fabulous artist, and yet has no idea how talented and creative she really is. Her self-criticism often blocks her artistic flow. Doesn't mom?

Now that I'm realizing this, and actually verbalizing it by writing my thoughts for the world to read, (ok, maybe just the two of you who read my blog), this should encourage me to let go more. Shouldn't it? So stay tuned for more posts about the little crafty things I'm working on...that's my plan, at least.


My Baby's One

I just tucked my little boy in for the night after a beautiful day spent celebrating his birth. The day was filled with family, loved ones, generous gifts, good food, laughing and so much more. And this night is one that I'll remember, I think forever. I love my nightly walks with my baby. They don't happen every night, but are quite frequent. And this time of year, this beginning of the Spring season, the air is exhilarating. Tonight was especially beautiful.

My father-in-law picked up this fantastic red wagon from craigslist several months ago, and tonight was the first time Burl and I were able to use it. I filled it with pillows and blankets, nestled him in and we started on our walk. I just knew he was going to love it. I knew it. At first his arms were reaching for me to hold him, but he soon settled in. We walked our streets, singing and talking to each other, listening to the frogs and the breeze and the neighbor's pond, watching the clouds and the stars and the trees, petting the neighborhood kitties, and just enjoying being together. He soon laid back and drifted off to sleep. I so badly wish this wagon pulled itself and was big enough for the both of us. Tonight was magical and the beginning of many nights, I suspect, spent alone with my baby in our new red wagon.


For My Garden

It was snowy and muddy at the farm today. My friends at the farm - the llamas, horses, cows, sheep, goats, and chicken - graciously allowed me to load up my trunk with their manure. I've already added their treasures to my compost pile.

I'm ridiculously excited about this. All you composters out there understand.

There's just something about returning this goodness to the earth and using it again for new growth. And it makes it even more meaningful to me that I'm able to use the resources of once neglected and abused animals.

*If anyone local in the Seattle area would like some manure from the rescued animals, let me know, it's free and organic. The only requirement may be to come visit them, scratch their bellies or ears, feed them some fruit, or lay down and take a nap with them. Yes, farm animals like to lay down and take naps with people :)


Sunday Nap

I love the noises he makes when he's sleeping. And I love how he spoons my head throughout the night. And how he still sucks while he's sleeping. I love his toes and his fingers, his red lips and his dark, long eyelashes.
I simply love, love, my baby boy.


Hanging in my Garden

I have a fondness for wind chimes and bells and bird feeders and such. Can ya tell? Most of these came from my home growing up, or came as gifts from friends or my parents. I like how the brass and copper ones tarnish from the salt air as result of living near the ocean.

Burl and I have been spending a lot of time outdoors lately. And with each passing day as we get closer to spring, our time outside becomes longer and longer. He just discovered that when he pulls up my daffodils and tulips, they have a fascinating bulb with roots on the end he can play with. My little botanist, he's so smart :)

I've been planning our garden for this year and just started tilling the ground. I'm excited for this season's harvest, I have grand things planned. And a perfect little helper now to assist me :)


Generosity and Luck

My in-laws are the generous ones. Burl and I are the lucky ones.

I have in-laws that would give me the shirts off their backs, if I asked. I realize how fortunate and blessed I am to be part of their family. I also recognize how fortunate Burl is to have grandparents, on both sides, that would do anything for him.

Since our camera hasn't been working well, my father-in-law has generously lent us his Nikon. I've fallen in love with it and am dreaming up ways I can earn the money to buy my own.

My in-laws were also over the other day sharing their rented carpet cleaner. It's pretty cute to see Burl interacting more with other people as he gets older. He wanted nothing to do with me while this machine was running. Grandpa, Grandma and that loud machine he could ride on were all he wanted.

I'll mention again how badly I long for a change of color in my living room. Looking at pictures of my home confirms that, although a favorite color of mine, the orange tones just don't do it for me. And those hard woods under the carpet are screaming at me to be brought back to life.

Things have been a little slow in the sewing/ knitting/ painting areas. I thought Burl kept me busy when he was younger, but he's even more demanding now that he's walking. I'm slowly getting things done though. I just finished these sweet little cashmere pants. They'll be shipped down to San Francisco soon for my cousin's baby girl.