Raw Foods

I ate completely raw today; it was delicious, I'm stuffed and I feel great! I believe the raw vegan diet to be superior, but lack the willpower and desire to switch completely. Today was a fun experiment, though.

Some of the foods I feasted on: fresh orange juice, almonds, a dark leafy green salad from my garden with tomatoes, avocados, sunflower seeds, sprouted garbanzo beans and a cilantro, jalapeno, lime vinaigrette. I also made a banana, chocolate, coconut torte to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Hope you've had a great weekend, my friends!


Spoon Oil

I use Abby's method for preparing my spoon oil. It's a simple blend of 8 ounces of walnut oil and 2 ounces of beeswax. I use it often after hand washing my wooden kitchen items - usually I apply it after every second or third wash. It keeps the wood conditioned, rich, and healthy.

Stephanie has another lovely post about spoon oil over at 3191 Miles Apart. And more beautiful photos here taken by my dear friend Nicole.



You know how once, or twice or if you're very lucky, a few times in your life you have THAT ONE pet? The one that means more to you than any other pet? The one that you have a special connection with? The one that is the match to your soul, the one that you hope never, ever has to leave you?

That animal for me is my little dog Chester. He's the second "one" in my life. And I love him more and more every day I'm with him. If ever there were a dog and human that loved each other so, it's Chester and me.


Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons from thrift stores I've collected over the years. There's something about the organic smoothness that just feels so right touching my hands and food.


Today is cool, sleepy and a little rainy, a nice break from the hot, busy week we've had. Have a nice weekend! I'll be back next week to share how I care for my wooden kitchen items.


Jam and An Apron

A simple strawberry jam I made from organic berries and sugar. I don't always add pectin to my jams. This year I did.
I was happy to find gold canning lids here. Most of the stores now only carry the silver ones.


A simple apron I made by tracing a thrift store apron. The fabric is 100% cotton, also from the thrift store. :)

Happy Monday, my friends.