Spoon Oil

I use Abby's method for preparing my spoon oil. It's a simple blend of 8 ounces of walnut oil and 2 ounces of beeswax. I use it often after hand washing my wooden kitchen items - usually I apply it after every second or third wash. It keeps the wood conditioned, rich, and healthy.

Stephanie has another lovely post about spoon oil over at 3191 Miles Apart. And more beautiful photos here taken by my dear friend Nicole.


Julie Alvarez said...

I am about to make this always, for long now. I had a hard time finding the beeswax, but then when I found it, finally, I couldn't seem to find any walnut oil, or not even mineral oil... I will, nevertheless.
Your wooden items look so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks beautiful, Amber. That large bowl is amazing. I love it's natural shape.