What I Love: My Childhood Books

My mom, sisters and I have vivid memories of one night years ago trying to go to sleep. I was about 5. My mama was reading to us, *trying* to get her three little girls to sleep.

While she was reading, *trying* to settle us down, she read the words, "the peepers were peeping in the pond", which caused those three little girls and one mama to burst into laughter that lasted far longer than one would expect. It was one of those moments that the laughter was contagious and kept being passed from one to the other, building stronger and stronger with each giggle. It certainly did not help us fall asleep.

We don't remember the rest of the story or which book it came from. But we'll never forget those words, the laughter, the togetherness and the feeling of happiness we all felt.

Burl has no interest yet in falling asleep while I read to him. His preference is to fall asleep while nursing or being walked outside, usually the latter. Even better, doing both. Already though, we're creating nighttime memories of our own. And while I long for the day when he'll fall asleep (and stay asleep for that matter) more easily by simply reading to him, I know I'll miss these moments; out in the cold, with tired back and arms, holding my warm babe and singing to him while walking our streets.

I have boxes and boxes of books from my childhood to read through to find which book those words came from and just what that story of the "peepers peeping" was all about. I so look forward to re-reading these books in my home, trying to find those words again. And in my search, creating new bedtime memories with my own family.



Can a knitter ever enough knitting needles? The answer is no. In my quest to find needles, preferably vintage, to add to my collection at a reasonable price, I stumbled upon a pretty sweet, affordable deal. I found the life-long collection of someone who has passed on. It was like Christmas morning when I received the box in the mail. All shapes, sizes, colors and materials; I may never have need again for another set, (although it probably won't stop me from searching to add to my collection).

Whatever mood I'm in, I'll have a set of needles to fit: slippery ones for when I want to knit fast, metal needles for when I feel like hearing the stitches, wooden needles for when I want to feel the smoothness. Oh, these make me so happy. I think my favorite pair today are the vintage avocado green aluminum set.

I considered sorting and organizing them, but each time I open the box, smell their history and search through them, I feel the exhilaration all over again. So, disorganized and in the box they'll stay for now.

I want this lady (could be a man, but probably a woman) to know how much this treasure will be used and appreciated. Whatever their legacy, it will continue in my home with my children as I pass on the art and craft of knitting.



Enormous thrifted wool sweater, you are about to become repurposed... several times in fact.

So are you, cashmere sweater.

Lots of snipping and an hour later or so - a couple pairs of cashmere-lined longies for Burl, a pair of mittens for mama, with leftovers to spare. We thank you, thrifted sweaters.


It Was A Good Day

I've inherited my mother's love for thrifting, and I've become quite proficient at it the past several years. But it's been difficult for me to spend any amount time thrifting since Burl's birth, so it's been a while since experiencing the high of actually finding something I've been searching for.

Today on a whim, the three of us went on a quick thrifting trip to kill some time while waiting for my dad. Oh what a productive trip.

(Have I mentioned how I loathe our carpet and the color of our wood walls? We have hardwood floors underneath the carpet, but, that thin layer of carpet plays a big role in the small amount of insulation our chilly home has. So until we're able to better insulated our home, the carpet stays. More on our insulation saga in a later post.)

On our list of discoveries, *the* wooden, vintage, affordable rocking horse my mom and I have both had an eye out for. I see them on Craigslist, but not as charming or affordable as the one we found today. It made Burl's day. I think it made my mom's day even more.

It was indeed a good day of thrifting, spent with two of my favorite people.


My Home: Our Corner

This photo represents well my life the past several months: Nursing babe with his hand in my mouth, us laying on a quilt I made, my favorite brown blanket (a wedding gift), cell phone and computer close by, Burt's Bees lip balm on hand (I'm a long-time addict), glass of water, pile of crafting magazines waiting to be organized, several in-progress knitting and crafting projects within reach.

Over the last several months, we've spent countless hours nursing, napping, and snuggling in this very spot; me, my baby and most of what is important to me. The only thing not obvious in the picture are the three little dogs snuggled under the blanket. And the only thing missing, is Alex. But he's usually close by on the other side of the room.

I'm a little sad, this corner, our little nook, will soon be changing. See the computer cords and the pedestal table? Both are unfriendly, (but oh so intriguing), to a little boy who is crawling, pulling himself up and starting to wonder on his own and discover new things; his favorite discoveries, dangerous areas! A new desk is on the lookout and will soon replace this little corner of ours.

For now, I'm savoring every moment I have with my little boy nursing in this very spot.


Shop Open!

I just opened my ETSY shop! Come have a look. I currently have candles available for a fundraiser to benefit KCACC Exposed, a citizen-run group working to help the animals of King County. I'm also doing a sale this weekend to donate to my good friends of Pasado's.

If you feel at all inclined to make a positive impact by helping either of these groups, let me know! I'm very excited to use my creations to help the animals under the care of both organizations. I think the candles will make great Holiday gifts and the proceeds will go directly towards helping the animals.

I've worked closely with the good people who run these groups and feel very positive about the difference they make in the lives of the animals under their care. I'm honored to be part of both organizations and to know the heros who run them.

If you would like to make a purchase directly through me, just send me a message. I can do local sales as well as shipments. This has been a longtime dream of mine and has taken years of work before taking this big leap. So here goes. For the animals!