Can a knitter ever enough knitting needles? The answer is no. In my quest to find needles, preferably vintage, to add to my collection at a reasonable price, I stumbled upon a pretty sweet, affordable deal. I found the life-long collection of someone who has passed on. It was like Christmas morning when I received the box in the mail. All shapes, sizes, colors and materials; I may never have need again for another set, (although it probably won't stop me from searching to add to my collection).

Whatever mood I'm in, I'll have a set of needles to fit: slippery ones for when I want to knit fast, metal needles for when I feel like hearing the stitches, wooden needles for when I want to feel the smoothness. Oh, these make me so happy. I think my favorite pair today are the vintage avocado green aluminum set.

I considered sorting and organizing them, but each time I open the box, smell their history and search through them, I feel the exhilaration all over again. So, disorganized and in the box they'll stay for now.

I want this lady (could be a man, but probably a woman) to know how much this treasure will be used and appreciated. Whatever their legacy, it will continue in my home with my children as I pass on the art and craft of knitting.

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Jess to the Lo said...

Can you teach me to knit!?