I may be a little crazy,

(photos taken in october on a kodak pony ii)

I've already established that. But my craziness just grows deeper and deeper.

I'm considering doing the 365 project. It will be tough, perhaps impossible, with two little ones. Some days, many days actually, I spend so much time tending to my boys that I find myself still wearing sweatpants at dinner time, unshowered, spit up in my hair, really a lovely sight to see. How will I squeeze in taking a picture on days like these?

I still have a few days to decide. Any input? Have you done the 365? Watching some of my friends finish up theirs these past few weeks, seems grueling. Sort of like finishing a marathon. And watching their pain sort of makes me want to do it. See, I'm crazy I tell you.


This Christmas..

..Was intentionally modest. Happily filled with just the right amount of simple, thoughtful and appropriate gifts. Alex and I take care to not shower our boys with lavish and overstimulating toys. We make certain to let them know that gifts come from hard work and love, not from a strange man in a red suit who brings them whatever they ask for. Plenty of thought went into Burl's gifts this year; books, interactive sensory games, dress up clothes, and art supplies; all which made this year particularly special. And for Bodhi, well, I'm all he needed this year :).

(Can't you just see in Bodhi's eyes how he gazes at me? Love. He tickles my soul.)



Some of my polaroid photos that I contributed to the habit blog in November. Click on each image to read my words.


For Today Only...

I'm having a sale in my shop. Candles, mostly. And some lip balm.

The sale will go until 7pm Pacific time tonight, when my boys go to bed. At that point, I'll package all orders up and have in the mail tomorrow, just in time for you to receive them before Christmas. Everything will be shipped USPS flat rate shipping.

Merry Merry, friends.


Winter Crafting :: Cinnamon Ornaments

We used this recipe from Martha Stewart. I didn't have enough cinnamon, so I added a little bit of ground cloves, which made them darker and even more spicy smelling. I remember seeing these as a little girl at a friend's house and so badly wanting to know how to make them. Now I know. And it was just as fun as I had expected.


midnight friday night

i'm up late, making and preparing for my craft show tomorrow. i'm a little bit nervous. i tend to be quiet and awkward and shy and sometimes antisocial. so actually meeting people who will be buying my products is new to me and not something i'm comfortable with (yet). but i'm certain i'll have a good time. and i'm excited to meet new like-minded people in my community.


it was so sunny today! so i grabbed my polaroid auto 100 (which requires a lot of light) a cup of tea and we took our show outside. first on our deck for a bit, then to the beach. the beach was fun at first, but once the sun set, it was co-o-old! and burl was done with the whole thing (even thought the beach was his idea, funny kid). bodhi just slept, smushed up against me in our wrap happy as a clam. love these boys of mine, so much.

i hope you're enjoying your weekend, friends.



Hello Friends.

I'm doing my first craft show tomorrow at our local food co-op. I really have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to a craft show, and I have no idea how busy or successful it will be. But I sure am excited!

I'm offering everything at discounted prices. If you're local, come by, I'd love to see you!

Holiday Craft Fair

Saturday, Dec. 10


Free Admission

Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op
2804 Grand Avenue

I'll be the one there wearing the cute little baby : ). Happy weekend!


Our Advent Calendar

Christmas tree aside, I've never been much of a Holiday decorator. But having a three year old has changed that a bit. This year, we decided to make an advent calendar. A quick google search brings up an overwhelming amount of ideas. I combined several that I saw and came up with this.

I recycled last years Autumn Nature Board by just adding a layer of white cotton. The past several days, Burl and I have been collecting things outside and making our own ornaments; berries, herbs from the garden, pine cones, feathers, etc.

I bought several little gifts from the Japanese dollar store to give as little treats; glue sticks, stickers, washi tape, etc. I've number little pieces of paper that have a single word inside telling him where his treat is hidden. With basic words like "car", "bed" and "sink", he'll be able to practice his reading.

This entire activity has been engaging for him and I'm excited to have this little activity to do each morning he wakes up.

Happy December, friends!