I may be a little crazy,

(photos taken in october on a kodak pony ii)

I've already established that. But my craziness just grows deeper and deeper.

I'm considering doing the 365 project. It will be tough, perhaps impossible, with two little ones. Some days, many days actually, I spend so much time tending to my boys that I find myself still wearing sweatpants at dinner time, unshowered, spit up in my hair, really a lovely sight to see. How will I squeeze in taking a picture on days like these?

I still have a few days to decide. Any input? Have you done the 365? Watching some of my friends finish up theirs these past few weeks, seems grueling. Sort of like finishing a marathon. And watching their pain sort of makes me want to do it. See, I'm crazy I tell you.


leedav said...

I did 365 several years ago now and the one piece of advice I have besides yelling DO IT! is that you should start and end in summer. The reason people have trouble finishing is because their enthusiasm for the project is waning as the days are getting shorter which makes it hard. That said, if you have the enthusiasm now,you might lose your nerve by summer. Just think what a fabulous thing it would be to show your boys when they get older!

ELK said...

i have done a number of yearlong projects ...one was a 365 ..its is hard , especially six months in, burn out sets in, but try it ! ...have a fabulous new year!!