I've never considered myself a person who gets sick often. I've always felt healthy and vibrant, and still do to some degree. But since becoming a parent, I've come down with colds more often than ever. I suppose it's all the bugs my little boy's hands touch and carry home throughout the days. Perhaps it's because of the lack of sleep I now get since becoming a mother. I don't know. But I'm tired of it. I'm particularly tired of this darn cold that I've had for what feels like over a month now.

Today I'm trying a new strategy, to just ignore it. Get out of bed, get dressed, open my curtains, clean my house!, prepare some foods. Maybe even do my hair, something I haven't done for weeks now. Go about my day, run errands, and just hope it goes away. I do believe in the power of the mind, and I believe a positive attitude can do great things.

Wish me luck today in finally overcoming this obnoxious flu.


A Candle Sale

Happy Monday, my friends.

I'd like to make room in my shop for new candle containers. So today, all glass filled candles will be buy one get one free. Let's see how today goes, and perhaps I'll extend the sale until tomorrow. In the "comments to seller" section at checkout, let me know what type of candle you'd like to have.

Wishing you a wonderful day.


For This Year

Happy New Year, my friends.

Looking back on my goals from last year, I feel pretty good at what I've accomplished. But there is still so much growing, so much improving to do in my life.

Here are few things that top my list of ways to better myself and my family:

~Journal more.

~I'd love to learn more about spinning yarn.

~Keep my home more presentable.

~Eat dinner at the dinning room table more often as a family.

Wishing you a wonderful year filled with happiness.


For 2012

A few things have been on my mind for this next year. Care to know?

:: Changes in my shop. Streamlining things, simplifying things, and (possibly) branching out from selling just on Etsy. More details later.

:: While browsing through pre-baby pictures of my home, I was blown away at how clean! and organized! and tidy! our home used to be. It used to be effortless. Now, it takes E-fort, with a capital E! I'd like to change that. My home needs more of my attention. I shall be remedying this.

:: I used to run, a lot, before having kids. I miss it. It hurts sometimes, but simultaneously feels so good, know what I mean? I need to make this more of a priority. It's hard to leave Bodhi, since he nurses on demand. It's difficult to be away from him for more than 20-30 minutes. But as he's getting older, it's getting easier. And those short moments I'm able to be away from him, I'll be trying to run more.

:: My sewing machine. I'm so fortunate to have such a brilliant machine, I need to put it use more. I hope to show you more projects throughout this next year.

:: Go to bed earlier. I've gotten into the horrible habit of staying up late after my boys go to bed. And I'm tired all the time because of it. That's got to stop.

Happy 2012, friends! Thank you for joining me each time I post, I do love your company.