Shop Improvements

In an effort to improve our shop, streamline the manufacturing process and keep prices affordable, we've made a few changes.

  • We've renamed several of our blends; Caravan is now known as Amyris Lime; Sanctuary is now Ylang Ylang Vanilla; Oakmoss is now Mandarin Oakmoss; Spring is now Rockrose Lemon.  Doing this simplifies and uniforms the general feel of the shop and also gives a general idea of the main aroma of each blend.
  • Three of our blends have been discontinued and will only be available for special requests and custom listings; Licorice, Movement and Lemonwood.
  • Our Peace blend is now offered seasonally during the months of October through January.
  • We've discontinued the vegan soy wax option.  We understand some of our customers prefer a vegan option, thus, soy wax will still be available for special requests and custom listings.

We're excited about these changes!  Please visit us often, as we'll be adding additional products, sales and specials.  As always, we appreciate your support of Oakmoss.




Chamomile is one of our favorite herbs to grow and work with.  We grow it organically in our garden and snip every tender little blossom.  Once rinsed and dried, we use the blossoms throughout the year.  These sweet, happy little flowers have a variety of uses; from herbal tea to lip balm to soaps and salves.

What's your favorite way to use chamomile?




My friend showed me a secret place in the woods where the blueberry bushes go on and on and on and are overflowing with huge, ripe, beautiful berries.  I've been back twice now and plan to go at least one more time.  So far, we've had blueberry muffins every morning for a week, and my freezer is full of yummy frozen berries, all ready to be used for muffins during the winter months.

What do you do when you have an abundanc of berries?


Where I Shop

I recently picked up a Pentax K1000 for a few dollars at the thrift store.  Before I send it to my friend, I wanted to run a test roll through to make sure all is working well.  And it is.

Here are several shots from the co-op where I do most of our grocery shopping.  Isn't it just the cutest little shop?

Where do you do your shopping?  Do share a link if you don't mind.


A few things


It's Wednesday, which means the farmer's market is going on down at the beach.  We're headed there right now.  But before I leave, a few things.

1.  Burl started his own blog.  He's just posting pictures right now, of his choosing, that he's taken on a disposable camera.  Stayed tuned for when he decides to  share some of his stories.

2.  I've added some new lip balm flavors to my shop.  They are based favorite herbal teas, do have a look.

3.  Have you seen my Facebook page?  I'm starting to use it more and plan to offer some specials.

4.  Doesn't this look so good?  I think I'll pick some up down at the farmer's market.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Lots of changes about to take place over at Oakmoss.  Stop by tomorrow as we introduce three new lip balm varieties.  We're super excited, we know you'll love them!


The Garden Lately


The trees are all leafed out, the lavender peaked and is now hanging to dry, last year's carrots have gone to seed, hydrangeas are blooming and darkening, birds are busy nesting and making babies.  Lots of goodness going on.


I've been smitten with the new birdhouses over at Terrain.  I have the utmost respect for handmade items and the price that an artist puts on their work.  But $300 for a bird house is absurd to me.  If I were rich perhaps I'd feel differently.  But there is so much I can do with $300.  Like, um, feed my family.  Or pay my electric bill.  You know, essential things.

Luckily while browsing the isles of a thrift shop the other day, I came across this cute little birdhouse for a mere $3.  3 bucks, now that's more like it.





::  I'm wondering how people seem get it all done.  Is it an illusion that you're all so productive?

::  I'm feeling overwhelmed by it all.

::  I keep telling my husband, as I have for months now, that the upkeeping of our home, with two little ones tugging on my all day, feels like one step forward, two steps back.

::  There's so much I'd like to do to improve my home and garden, but just keeping up with the basic maintenance is a challenge.

::  I'd like to finish painting the kitchen, but I first need to catch up on the dishes.

::  My garden desperately needs to be weeded.

::  I have so much I'd like to do with my shop, but just don't have the time to focus.

::  I have three loads of laundry, unfolded, on my couch.  Like always.

::  Our spare bathroom is disgusting and needs a major scrub.

::  The microwave, it's gross in there.

::  And, and, and...

::  I'm feeling like I need to either: 1) Lower my expectations.  2) Rearrange my priorities.  Or, 3) Make some changes to become more productive.

All you amazing moms, wives, women out there, how do you get it all done?


Green Everywhere


(last photo by burl)

These photos were taken on a stroll to the shore with my boys.  This time of year is spectacular in Seattle, everything is so lush and green and full.
I hope your summer is off to an equally beautiful start.