From Friends

I have great friends. In person and on line. During the past few months, I've received some beautiful, unexpected gifts in the mail.

Photos from Nicole, The Habit of Being.

Sachet from Melissa, Tiny Happy.

Yarn from my friend Marie, in Scotland.

Tea from Sonia in the south of France, Cozy Memories. Gocco print from Diana at Pebbledash.

Thank you, my dear friends. xo.


A Few Things

Hello, friends. Happy Friday. Do you have plans for the weekend? I'm hoping to spend time with family, finish a couple sewing projects, and visit the shore. I'll leave you with a few links to some things I'm enjoying and planning right now.

*This song by Noah and the Whale.

*Knitting with Zen String yarn. She has some wonderful options on sale right now.

*Plans to make this salad sometime over the weekend.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?! It crept up fast.

Have a great weekend!

An Update

Just dropping in to let you know I've added a few items to my shop. I also have some inexpensive options for holiday gifts, and I'll be adding more throughout the next several weeks.

We've had wet, rainy weather here in Seattle, which we're trying to embrace. We enjoyed a wet walk along the shore today. I hope your week is going well.



Take Two

Remember these? Some longies I knitted for Burl a few months ago. They turned out way too big, so I ripped them out and knitted this vest. But alas, the vest doesn't fit him either. I loved the pattern, but will make some adjustments the next time I knit it. Like make the neck opening much bigger for by boy's giant head. And shorten the length a little. And make the waist the same diameter as the body.

Yarn this nice needs to be worn. Although I finished this vest a couple months ago, it's just been sitting in a drawer. It's time to give it new life. I'm not sure what I'll be knitting with it next, but I'll get it right one of these days.


I'm Still Here

It's been a busy (and yet lazy at the same time, how can that be?) week, that has not involved taking many pictures. My cameras actually collected a little bit of dust. I've brushed them off and am getting back in the swing of things.
It's a beautiful day here in Seattle. I'm headed out to my garden for a little bit of work.
Happy Wednesday, Friends!


An Autumn Stacked Coins Quilt

It's finished. It took me longer than I had hoped. I wasn't pleased with the original color palette I started with. Once I adjusted that, things seemed to roll much more smoothly and quickly.

The details:

Loosely following this as a guideline, I used roughly 10 pairs of really soft, fine waled 100% cotton corduroy pants I either already had or purchased at the thrift store. I used a 100% Egyptian cotton damask sheet from the thrift store as the backing. In the middle is crazy soft organic bamboo/ cotton batting I purchased new. It's all hand quilted together with cream colored cotton embroidery thread, also from the thrift store.

I haven't measured it, but the finished size seems a little bigger than a twin comforter. It's super soft and perfect for using around the house. I'm pretty pleased with it. So are the dogs, Burl, my husband and everyone else in the house. It's perfect this time of year.