An Autumn Stacked Coins Quilt

It's finished. It took me longer than I had hoped. I wasn't pleased with the original color palette I started with. Once I adjusted that, things seemed to roll much more smoothly and quickly.

The details:

Loosely following this as a guideline, I used roughly 10 pairs of really soft, fine waled 100% cotton corduroy pants I either already had or purchased at the thrift store. I used a 100% Egyptian cotton damask sheet from the thrift store as the backing. In the middle is crazy soft organic bamboo/ cotton batting I purchased new. It's all hand quilted together with cream colored cotton embroidery thread, also from the thrift store.

I haven't measured it, but the finished size seems a little bigger than a twin comforter. It's super soft and perfect for using around the house. I'm pretty pleased with it. So are the dogs, Burl, my husband and everyone else in the house. It's perfect this time of year.


Jennifer said...

It's beautiful and it sounds so inviting and cozy. Great job, I love the colours.


Sonia said...

Oh Amber, it's really really very beautiful, you can be proud to have made such a beauty !
Have a great week ahead ! oxoxo

Molly said...

Oh, it is really beautiful and I love the color choices! xo

natalie said...

it is beautiful! i really, really love the colors!

Anonymous said...

My days, I wish we had the kinds of thrift stores you have in the northwest. We haven't found much second hand here, but still looking, especially for some nice tweed. The quilt is lovely. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

this is such a beautiful quilt! I love all of the choices you made. I'm planning a quilt myself this year, so this as gotten me even more excited to get started.