We Still Nurse

It's not nearly as frequent as it has been in the past, but my sweet boy still loves to nurse, and I'm always more than happy to oblige. Now more than ever, our nursing relationship is about more than just milk. There are an abundance of reasons to nurse a toddler; reconnecting, closeness, touch, skin contact, cuddling, smell, comfort, and so many others. I proudly nurse him when he needs and wants it, wherever that may be.


natalie said...

you go, momma!

Jennifer said...

Good for you, I have a 15 month still going strong.


Tara Thayer said...

yay, you.
i miss it so much.
i had to stop this time at eighteen months because i broke my shoulder and couldn't hold her for a while. by the time i was better, she was over it. i'm still not.
but...she's still a snuggler, still, even, in our bed, so,
there is that.

Ella said...

i am so grateful for our extended nursing. 3 1/2 years. the first 9 months seemed to be a mixture of feelings for me of shock, discomfort, fatigue. who was this wiggly little monster at my breast? it got so so so much better. and then it was challenging and then it was really good all over again. it's such a dance and a different one for everyone. it always puts a smile on my face to see any nursing babe or child.

Annalise Jones said...

Yay for you!

(but is it really true you are "always more than happy to oblige"? that seems a tad unrealistic. hee hee)

I regret having to wean my son before he was 2.5 - but I wanted to get fertile again! It will be interesting to see when my cycle returns this time, now that E. is 14 months old... ?? Will I have to wean her to get pregnant too?

(when did your cycle come, Amber?)

Molly said...

My "boss" at my internship is slowly weaning her toddler... they only have the night feeding left, and she apparently has a pretty nasty scab going. :( Ouch!

But from what I've read, it goes until the two are ready, and that's the perfect way to do it.

Mountain Sketch said...

Such wonderful times!!!


Ohhhhh!! :)

Grey Cottage Studio said...

Good for you!

I nursed my little guy until he was 2-1/2 and I think both of us were sad when it ended. He still calls my breasts my "nursing machines" and when I told them they weren't working anymore, he told me to get some batteries!