Our Monday

It's already afternoon, and I'm still in my pj's. It's just been that kind of day. I am about to get ready, run some errands, then go for a walk. It's been rainy, but the sun is peaking through. I'll leave you with some images from our walk last Friday.

Burl and I spend a lot of time walking along the waterfront in Everett. We love looking at the water, listening to the seagulls, and dreaming of sailboats. I don't think there are many sounds I love more than seagulls.

Happy Monday, friends.


Jennifer said...

I love the sea and the sounds that go with it, unfortunately we don't get that around here. What a cutie pie!


georgia said...

henry thinks it's fun to chase the seagulls.

NW. said...

did you take these photos?
they're really great.

looks like you use film often.
a lot of the shots look a little vintage