(Mamiya RB67, Polaroid Back, Fuji FP-100C)

I spent some time walking around Greenlake getting to know a new camera.  I'm undecided what I think about it (the camera).  It's a beast. 
But good heavens, I'm a sucker for anything Polaroid.  And Greenlake.  It was a perfectly beautiful Autumn day, it took restraint not to shoot the entire pack of film.


Leaves on Film

(Pentax K1000, Kodax Portra 800 ISO)

Most of the leaves have fallen, and the rain over the next few days will take care of the rest.
These photos were taken from our walks over the past few weeks.  As much as I love film, it just doesn't quite capture the splendid colors of Autumn.


November First

A few things::

::  You can't tell from his adorable smile, but my littlest one has been sick the past three days.  I need to learn how to be more happy like him.

::  I voted.  It's pretty incredible that little ol' me has a say what goes on in this country.

::  Have you seen her lovely workspace?  Inspiring.

::  I'm determined to master this pose.

::  Last night, my yoga instructor stop me on my way out to tell me how great he thought my form was.  Made my day.

::  A little bit more flexibility, even a little bit more strength, several fewer layers of fat, and I'll be in business.

::  I'm gearing up for a candle sale in my shop.  If you'd like to sign up for updates, do so here.

Happy November, Friends.