Winter Solstice

It's today. The first day of winter, and the day we can slowly start to feel the days getting longer once again. I love days like this.

I usually like to have a fire at the beach to mark the changing of the seasons. Today, I'm not sure if it's going to happen. The rain may prevent the fire, but a visit to the beach will definitely be happening.

Happy Winter Solstice to everyone!


Peace On Earth

We keep our Christmas decorating pretty simple in our home - a tree, some lights, a few handmade ornaments and a wreath are usually all we use. I felt like we needed a little bit more this year, something to remind us of Christ and His message. This bunting banner is what I came up with. The message is simple, one for the whole world, even those who aren't Christian.

I made it from scraps of fabric from my stash that originally came from the thrift store. The white fabric is a recycled Irish linen table cloth, the background fabric is a pair of green linen pants. I used iron on paper for the lettering, sewed the pieces together with thrifted red thread, and attached it all together with some twill tape.

Wishing you all Peace in your lives.