November 2015

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::  The longer I live in Seattle, the more I appreciate how lucky I am to live here.  It really is such a beautiful place to raise a family!

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Happy Monday, Friends!!



When you spend enough time down at the shore, you're bound to see some pretty amazing things.

Like watching the release of two orphaned seal pups.  They were rescued earlier this summer, and are big enough now to be released.  It's was so spiritual!  (I joke, but it really was).

The crews from PAWS and Coast Guard Auxiliary forces to make this release possible.  And I was honored to have my boys there to observe.


Riding The Ferry

My parents moved up here to Washington from Mendocino, CA in 2003, the year I got married.  They live on a cute little island northwest of Seattle.  It's not far from my home, just a quick drive, then a short ferry ride and we are there within an hour.

My boys and I go over at least once a week while Alex is working.  We love riding the ferry!  Here are a few shots from this summer's rides on the ferry.

Summer is moving right along, school starts in a few weeks.  We're soaking up the time as much as we can.

(All photos taken with various vintage film cameras)


Mendocino August 2015

Digital cameras are very, very intimidating to me; so many buttons and settings and modes.  I'm a proud manual film photographer.  But I've been wanting to become more adept with my digital camera.  For my birthday last month my husband bought me an upgraded lens, and it's awesome!  I took a stroll through my hometown last when we were visiting California.  I snapped a few photos along the way, these are a few of my favorite.  The entire album can be viewed here.  I edited these in Lightroom with the VSCO presets.  Enjoy!
(Where my family stayed on our visit)

(The street where I used to live)

(The Mendocino Village Skyline)

(Albion River Inn, where my sister used to work)

(The famous headlands)

(So many airstreams around town)

 (Where I worked for years.  My favorite job ever.)

(How many hours did I spend roaming the streets of this town, holding hands, kissing and goofing around with my boyfriend???  Such good memories.)

(The JD House Watertower, where I want to stay on my next visit)


July 4th 2015

We spent this 4th of July at my husband's family cabin on Flathead Lake in Polson, Montana.  We had a blast!  Jet skiing, swimming, jumping in the lake, catching grass hoppers, it was all so much fun!  All photos were taken with a Pentax K1000 and expired film.


May 2015

It feels good to be blogging more frequently.  I've missed it.  Here are a few things going on in our world:

My 19 year old niece is living with us for the summer before she heads off to college in the fall.  We LOVE having her here!  She's artistic, creative, loves my boys and is just SO FUN to have around.  Two summers ago I taught her how to use a manual 35mm camera, so we have a blast wondering around Seattle taking photos together.

These two little monkeys!  Friends, let me tell you.  Three and half years old is hard!  Bodhi (3 1/2) was born with such a sweet disposition, a disposition that is currently hidden under his three year old obstinance.  The main things getting us through these stinker stages are huge doses of love, LOTS of cuddles, and borrowed amounts of patience.  Burl (7) went through the same stages at 3, except his difficulties were five-fold.  And I can't express enough what a kind, happy, sweet, honest, FUNNY, snugly and obedient little boy he's turned into.  And the two of them get along so well!  Alex and I sit back, look at them and think, "It's working!  The way we chose to parent is working!"  Love and kindness never fail.

My garden is so happy!  I spend as much time as I can out there.  I've been contributing weekly at Tend Collective and feel so honored to be part of that group of gardeners!  When you have a minute and want to feel inspired to improve your garden, go have a glance.

Thanks for stopping by!