For the next little bit, I'll be sharing some of my thoughts that have been surfacing while I've been practicing yoga daily.  I hope it doesn't bore you too much.

Quality over quantity has been in the forefront of my mind.  I've already succeeded with this in my life's most important endeavors; my marriage with my husband, and our children.  We have just two - but they are incredible souls who completely fulfill my roll as a mother.

But with other areas in my life, I'd like to do more to improve this ration; purchases I make for my home, the foods I eat, my sleep, the clothes I wear, the people I spend time with, the things I make - I need to simplify and refine.

Happy Monday, Friends.  It's sunny and windy and beautiful here today in Seattle. Leaves are falling like crazy and the air smells wonderful.

(Images taken with 35mm Pentax K1000 and 1600 iso film)


Lately :: 10.26.2012

::  I've started practicing Bikram yoga, I'm doing a 30 day challenge of practicing a minimum of 5 days a week for 6 weeks.  I'm at the end of my third week and I've thoroughly been enjoying it.  I'm considering starting an online journal about my yoga journey.

::  Because I seem to only be able to focus on one major thing at a time (aside from caring for my children), my shop has been pretty slow.  I'm ok with that.  This time to focus on bettering my health has been so good and so important.  Thanks for being patient regarding shop updates.

::  Speaking of my shop, I'm still filling orders for soaps and candles.  And I have plans to add some new products.  I've been working on a Home Powder and a Home Spray (which can also be used as a body spray).  I hope to have them available in the next couple weeks.

::  As far as sales and specials go, what would you like to see offered at a discount for the holiday season?

Thanks for reading, Friends.  Happy Weekend!



How do you reconnect with your kids when you're not meshing well?  This particular day, a warm bubble bath outside in the rain was what it took for us.

I sure love and appreciate how he makes me stretch my imagination.



This little man didn't inherit much from me.  But he did inherit my animal loving gene.  He hopped right up on this 16 hand horse, without any hesitation or fear, and right away was asking to go trotting and running.

There isn't very much that's gentle about him - he's a rowdy and rough little four year old boy - but when it comes to animals, he is sweet and tender and so very sweet.