Well it happened Monday, Burl started crawling. He had been getting ready to do so for the last week or so; balancing up on his toes, pushing himself forward, scooting and rolling forwards and backwards. Then Monday he got his knees under his tummy and took a few "steps". I held him tight all day Tuesday and didn't let him down. He's growing so quickly...

He's becoming very mobile, he tries following me during his tummy time while I'm walking around the house. If I leave him unattended for any period of time (which is never very long or often) he'll end up on the other side of the room than where I left him. It's time to baby proof our house...

He's five + months old now, and I love him more than ever. His smile, his eyes, his laugh, his cry, his voice, his breath, his skin, his little fingers, I never imagined a love like this. And what's even more amazing is his love is reciprocated. The power of our bond is incredible.


Running Again

I started running again two weeks ago. I've really missed it. I tried running when Burl was a few weeks old, but this is what happened when we used the jogging stroller (I know, he didn't fit in it).

And this is what happens still if I leave while he's awake.

So I haven't made running a priority until now. I was lucky to lose the pregnancy weight without having to try very hard. I lost most of it within a couple months after his birth, I think because I'm nursing.

I have noticed a decline in my milk production since I started running. So I'm back to pumping and taking herbs (fenugreek and blessed thistle) to increase my milk supply. It's been a constant struggle for my body to supply my baby's demand. I'm determined though.

Anyway, I want to express my love for my running shoes. They're some of the few mass-produced items I have in my life, and they're probably made in a sweat shop in China. But several years ago, I started getting really painful injuries in my legs. My running store fit me into the Asic 2100 series and recommended I rotate my shoes. Ta-da! I strayed once with a pair of Mizuno's, big mistake. I donated those to a charity that supplies running shoes to people in Africa. I thought, "Who would want my used shoes?" The charity sponsor reminded me that it's better than no shoes at all. That humbled me.

I have several pairs (thanks Rich and Barb!) that I rotate throughout the week. I love my Asics! My current routine is shorter 4-6 mile runs throughout the week and longer runs with mileage increases on the weekends. The Seattle Marathon is Thanksgiving Day weekend...we'll see. I've said it before, my plans since becoming a parent are all subject to change at any moment :)