I'm up to my eyeballs in lavender over here. Right now most of it is hanging in a closet to dry. I plan to use it in my soaps, bath salts, sachets, etc.

I also want to try this Lavender Shortbread recipe that my friend recommended. Some lavender lemonade also sounds delicious.

What's your favorite way to use lavender?


Preparing Future Dinners

My mom just gave me her old crock pot. I've never really been a crock pot kind of gal, but I've used it several times the past couple weeks and have really enjoyed it. I think it's going to come in handy the next month or so when my new babe will be attached to my breast for the first several weeks. I'd like to do quite a bit of crock pot cooking, and come September when the air changes, I think my family and I will enjoy it all the more.

Do you have some crock pot recipes to share? I'll be needing them.


I've been away at the beach all day with my boy and my niece. Such good times. We're sitting down now for our crock pot meal, then off to bed early. Enjoy your evening, my friends.


Thank You Cards

I used to hand make all my thank you cards before my shop got busy during the months of last Autumn. When things got busy, I started sending a post card print of one of my photos with a little thank you note on the back. And while I still love that idea, I've missed sending handmade cards with each order.

Since my shop has been slower, I've had the time to make some cards, which I thoroughly enjoy doing. This latest set I made using only recycled papers. The back is a piece of recycled chip-board I found in some wine boxes that were being thrown away. I sewed a leaf which I hand cut from a piece of handmade paper I found in the thrift store. I used my little letterpress to emboss a simple "thank you" on the front. On the back, I stamped my etsy address and have room to write a simple note. A little bit of recycling, a little bit of repurposing, a little bit of sewing, a little bit of letterpress. Pretty perfect to me.