Preparing Future Dinners

My mom just gave me her old crock pot. I've never really been a crock pot kind of gal, but I've used it several times the past couple weeks and have really enjoyed it. I think it's going to come in handy the next month or so when my new babe will be attached to my breast for the first several weeks. I'd like to do quite a bit of crock pot cooking, and come September when the air changes, I think my family and I will enjoy it all the more.

Do you have some crock pot recipes to share? I'll be needing them.


I've been away at the beach all day with my boy and my niece. Such good times. We're sitting down now for our crock pot meal, then off to bed early. Enjoy your evening, my friends.


Owlie said...

i always want to use a crock pot, but i am never that organized ahead of time to actually prepare... but now i don;t have one, so i doesn't matter anyways :) my mom makes such wonderful things in hers, i just try to stop by when she does!

Jenny said...

Hi Amber, I really admire what you've done. I got lost with your OakMoss bus.. and love your attitude and passion about what you do!

ELK said...

i do have one soup recipe good hot or cold..

laurata said...

Most often I use my crock pot to make beans. I try to soak overnight, but just as often I don't, and cook them longer. I might peel an onion and cut in half for later, and then just set the pot to "on." I chop veggies as I have a minute, and either toss them in, or sautee and serve together later. Potato soup is good too- peeled and quarter potatoes, cooked for 6 hours or so, adding in broccoli toward the end. I make it a creamy vegan soup by soaking cashews and then blending them with nutritional yeast and onion (or garlic) powder, and salt and pepper to taste.

Lisa said...

I'm trying to get more and more into mine as well. I've learned you can do jam in it -- that's wonderful to know when you have a little one in a sling and another at your feet and don't want to stand at the stove stirring and stirring! And it's also good for cooking hot cereal to have ready in the morning.

I just remembered that the first time mine ever got used was while I was in labor with Arlo! My midwife kept warm water and oil with herbs in it, to soak washcloths for perineal compresses :)