One Day Beret

I knit this little beret intended for myself using Yarn Pirate's handspun. It's so soft and warm and I absolutely love the colors. I had to unravel the ribbing and decreases several times to get the right fit, and it's still too big on my head. I had my mom try it on, and Voila! C'est magnifique! I feel good about it going to her because she appreciates every step of the process it took to make it: from the pattern being created, to the sheep providing the wool, to Georgia dying and spinning the fibers, and finally me knitting it all together. This lovely beret was meant to be worn on her sweet head.


How Yesterday Was Spent

With the doors and windows open. At least for a little while.

Veggie burgers at the beach with friends.

Huddled around the fire pit.

Taking in the beautiful weather we've had the past few days.


What's Making Me Happy

1. This walking baby of ours, the silly kinks his hair has when he wakes up, and his budding interest for playing in - not to mention eating - dirt.

2. The new bongos my mom found at the thrift store and how Burl loooves to pound on them. So perfect for my percussion-loving boy.

3. The first glimpse of daffodil bulbs, also budding, and starting to push through the soil and the promise they bring that Spring isn't too far away.

4. My newly thrifted wool sweater....purchased for a whole 2 dollars.

5. These sweet vegan booties from Tiny Bird Organics. How does one choose between the cuteness of the different animals?! Difficult decision indeed. One that makes me very happy.

Happy Monday, Friends.


A Winter Quilt

For Burl.

I used a variation on Joelle Hoverson's bedroom quilt. The pattern is oh so lovely and oh so easy. I of course, made it more difficult than it needed to be. I've said it before, those after-midnight hours of trying to make something aren't the most productive hours for me. The whole thing took waay longer than it needed to. But as lengthy a process as I made it (it didn't help having sickness in my home for two weeks), I'm surprisingly pleased with my results.

The details:
The fabric I used was all purchased second hand, except for the backing. The top is pieced together with a combination of camel, wool, and cashmere fabrics from various thrift stores. The border is an old pair of men's dress pants. I pre-washed and shrunk the fabrics before cutting and sewing. I used a thin layer of organic cotton batting (thrifted!) for the middle. Then backed the blanket with American-made wool flannel in Winter White from the Wooly Thread, in Woodinville, such wooly goodness. To finish it off, I tied it up with second hand embroidery thread. Voila!

My tip for using thrifted wool: Pants and skirts are much easier to dissemble and yield more fabric than do jackets. Lesson learned.

The pattern was fun and easy - cut, stitch, turn. cut, stitch, turn. Round and round. And it turned out just the right size for my food-loving boy, nice and big.


A New Year

I don't usually do resolutions. I have several goals I work on throughout the year, and Alex is good at helping me stay on track with most of them.

For the past few months a new goal of mine has been to actually finish more of the projects that I start. For one reason or another - boredom, frustration, or a new project stealing my interest - I drop what I'm working on and move on to something else. I just discovered some quilts I started over 15 years ago. 15 years, that's practically half my life.

But there is pleasure to be found in re-discovering a forgotten project. It's fun to pick up right where you left off. And sometimes it feels like starting a new project all over, but without having to spend the money on the materials or do the prep work.

So I'm not sure how well I'll do at keeping this goal, because a big part of me enjoys the thrill of rediscovery. And really, how many people/ crafters/ artists do you know that just work on one thing at a time?

So here's to 2009, a year of starting new, and rediscovering the not so new. And hopefully finishing a project or two.



Just dropping in to say hello. The past week or so, we've been hit pretty hard by the flu bugs. Yes plural. First it was the sinus bug, now the stomach bug. I can't think of many things sadder than watching my baby have an upset tummy...for. three. days. now. But we're on the mend.

And despite the illnesses, Burl's still been able to get some play time in with his papa and walk to his favorite new discovery. Over and over again throughout the day. Did you guys know that if you pull this lever, it makes a really interesting swishing sound?! Over and over again.

Oh my, the things he does! He may very well tear our home down some day, and Alex and I may very well think it's cute. He was trying to peel paint off the walls the other day, and we just watched, smiled and admired how coordinated he's becoming with this fingertips. Oh yes, I think we may be in trouble...


Orange Pants

Doesn't every little boy need a pair of orange wool pants lined with blue cashmere? I think so. In fact I wish I had some.

It's blurry, but that IS my nine-month old baby walking to me. Walking! He started taking small steps about three weeks ago. He's up to walking six feet now before ploping down.

Slow down Burl! You move too fast, you've got to make the morning last. Just kinkin' down the cobble-stones, lookin' for fun and feelin' groovy. Feelin' groovy...

And yes, walking around in his orange pants with his tambourine, he is feeling pretty groovy.


New Year's Eve Thrifting

Two stores, two hours and $29, that's all it took. Don't bother trying to find any wooden toys in the South Whidbey Island thrift stores, my mom and I cleaned them out. Burl's collection of wooden toys is quickly growing, and so is the thrill I get from finding them. On our list of discoveries yesterday: a wooden recorder, a vintage xylophone, two wood chairs, an animal bus and Noah's ark, both with all kinds of animals, a tic-tac-toe game, two cars, a shape sorting cube, gardening tools, and an alphabet puzzle. It was indeed a thrilling thrifting day.