Just dropping in to say hello. The past week or so, we've been hit pretty hard by the flu bugs. Yes plural. First it was the sinus bug, now the stomach bug. I can't think of many things sadder than watching my baby have an upset tummy...for. three. days. now. But we're on the mend.

And despite the illnesses, Burl's still been able to get some play time in with his papa and walk to his favorite new discovery. Over and over again throughout the day. Did you guys know that if you pull this lever, it makes a really interesting swishing sound?! Over and over again.

Oh my, the things he does! He may very well tear our home down some day, and Alex and I may very well think it's cute. He was trying to peel paint off the walls the other day, and we just watched, smiled and admired how coordinated he's becoming with this fingertips. Oh yes, I think we may be in trouble...

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georgia said...

yeah, i never thought i'd be praising my boy for his "excellent eyesight" for picking a dog hair off of his pants and eating it. or saying that he's "so smart" for figuring how to stand up on our bed and rip the blinds while we're still asleep. they can pretty muh get away with anything, huh? :)