A Winter Quilt

For Burl.

I used a variation on Joelle Hoverson's bedroom quilt. The pattern is oh so lovely and oh so easy. I of course, made it more difficult than it needed to be. I've said it before, those after-midnight hours of trying to make something aren't the most productive hours for me. The whole thing took waay longer than it needed to. But as lengthy a process as I made it (it didn't help having sickness in my home for two weeks), I'm surprisingly pleased with my results.

The details:
The fabric I used was all purchased second hand, except for the backing. The top is pieced together with a combination of camel, wool, and cashmere fabrics from various thrift stores. The border is an old pair of men's dress pants. I pre-washed and shrunk the fabrics before cutting and sewing. I used a thin layer of organic cotton batting (thrifted!) for the middle. Then backed the blanket with American-made wool flannel in Winter White from the Wooly Thread, in Woodinville, such wooly goodness. To finish it off, I tied it up with second hand embroidery thread. Voila!

My tip for using thrifted wool: Pants and skirts are much easier to dissemble and yield more fabric than do jackets. Lesson learned.

The pattern was fun and easy - cut, stitch, turn. cut, stitch, turn. Round and round. And it turned out just the right size for my food-loving boy, nice and big.

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Natalie said...

nice work!!! you are amazing! I am not a seamstress, so I am impressed and jealous!