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I'm changing.

I seem to be turning a new leaf. My life the past few months has been all about purging- getting rid of junk. I think it started right before I had Bodhi. One morning I woke up, looked around and realized I had So. Much. Stuff. Too much, in fact. So the purging began. It's hard for me to let go of things, but it's becoming easier. And let me tell you, it feels amazing!! I pick something up and ask myself- Do I really love this? Can I live without this? Have I even used this in the past week/ month/ year/ or ever?? I've taken trunks and trunks to the thrift store, and there's still more to go!

My husband is a fine example to me. He is prudent about his purchases. He researches, studies, thinks and waits before he buys something. Once again, totally opposite of me, yet something I want to be more like.

Some good reads that have inspired me lately:
MAV's words on closet clean outs.
This lady.
Amy's inspiring post about thoughtful purchases.

Happy Friday, friends! It's a beautiful day today.

Oh, and if you've never met me in person and care to see how awkward I am, have a look here. Right around 1min. 18sec.


Catching Up.

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Just playing catch up with my daily pictures.
Enjoy your weekend, friends.



Meet Oscar. He's my family's Amazon Parrot. We got him when I was six, when he was just a freshly hatched little fledgling without any feathers. My mom fed him blended apple, spinach and monkey chow through a red ketchup bottle. He'd see that red bottle coming and he'd get all excited and start squawking and flapping his little wings.

Throughout the years, he's been just another member of the family. His sweet noises, the songs he sings, his whistles and squawks, they all sound like home to me.

My parents are on a little trip which means we have the pleasure to have him stay in our home for a bit. The sun is shining today, my living room is warm and Oscar is whistling and singing his little heart out right now.

I hope you're enjoying your day, friends!



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I'm doing it.

I really don't need another project in my life. I have so many unfinished projects and ideas swirling around. But this one, this one is different. I'm drawn to the 365 (366 this year). It will no doubt be challenging. I share a very edited version of my life here online and my lack of confidence in my writing skills keeps me from blogging more frequently. I'm not the best photographer either. But for whatever reason, I can't explain, I'm more comfortable sharing my photographs.

Follow me along, if you'd like. I'll be posting one photo a day this entire year. I hope to complete the project using only film, but I'm unsure if my pocket book will allow for that. Watch me as I (hopefully) grow in creativity, as an artist, as a photographer. I'm certain this project will help me accomplish some of my goals, ones I've shared here and ones I've kept quiet. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.