I'm Still Here

It's been a busy (and yet lazy at the same time, how can that be?) week, that has not involved taking many pictures. My cameras actually collected a little bit of dust. I've brushed them off and am getting back in the swing of things.
It's a beautiful day here in Seattle. I'm headed out to my garden for a little bit of work.
Happy Wednesday, Friends!


Jennifer said...

Glad to see you're still around. Enjoy the gardening, I find it so refreshing to get out in the fresh air and sunshine.


Sonia said...

oh, Amber, we assumer you were busy :) We missed you, though !
Mm, busy and lazy at the same time ... that sounds like a happy marriage !
I hope you had fun this past week. Thank you so much for your email (convo), I'm so happy it reached you safely and that it brought you a little smile. My pleasure ♥
Much love to you & yours, take good care, Amber. xoxox

Anonymous said...

It's been the same kind of week (or even weeks now) here. The weather has been a mix of stormy and incredible with hardly anything in between, inspiring both lazing and voracious gardening and little time for much else.

I always enjoy your photos and your posts.

Molly said...

Sometimes it's good to take a little break and attend to life. :)