From Friends

I have great friends. In person and on line. During the past few months, I've received some beautiful, unexpected gifts in the mail.

Photos from Nicole, The Habit of Being.

Sachet from Melissa, Tiny Happy.

Yarn from my friend Marie, in Scotland.

Tea from Sonia in the south of France, Cozy Memories. Gocco print from Diana at Pebbledash.

Thank you, my dear friends. xo.


Jennifer said...

How fantastic to receive such beautiful things.


Alyssa said...

I want your friends!

Sonia said...

you are so welcome, again, my dear friend. I know how nice it is to receive unexpected goodness from friends in the mail. Wanted to share the love.
Have a great week oxoxo

Anna said...

what sweet gifts!

Molly said...

Very lucky indeed! xo