I've been smitten with the new birdhouses over at Terrain.  I have the utmost respect for handmade items and the price that an artist puts on their work.  But $300 for a bird house is absurd to me.  If I were rich perhaps I'd feel differently.  But there is so much I can do with $300.  Like, um, feed my family.  Or pay my electric bill.  You know, essential things.

Luckily while browsing the isles of a thrift shop the other day, I came across this cute little birdhouse for a mere $3.  3 bucks, now that's more like it.


pencilfox said...

cute birdhouse.

[i agree with you about the money.]

Sherrie said...

It's SO nice to find something you really want while thrifting! And truthfully, I like your birdhouse better. That roof is adorable. :)

mecamo said...


I hopped from Etsy to here.
Sweet shop warm blog!
How great to see, that wishes are still alive and really come true :-)
Can't believe that a bird-house can cost around 300 bucks. I guess it's just for the "fashion" name and not for the material and work. Crazy! Well, your thrift birdy house is much cuter, because it found you and you it!

Have a nice sunday!

greetinxxx from germany, mel