Shop Improvements

In an effort to improve our shop, streamline the manufacturing process and keep prices affordable, we've made a few changes.

  • We've renamed several of our blends; Caravan is now known as Amyris Lime; Sanctuary is now Ylang Ylang Vanilla; Oakmoss is now Mandarin Oakmoss; Spring is now Rockrose Lemon.  Doing this simplifies and uniforms the general feel of the shop and also gives a general idea of the main aroma of each blend.
  • Three of our blends have been discontinued and will only be available for special requests and custom listings; Licorice, Movement and Lemonwood.
  • Our Peace blend is now offered seasonally during the months of October through January.
  • We've discontinued the vegan soy wax option.  We understand some of our customers prefer a vegan option, thus, soy wax will still be available for special requests and custom listings.

We're excited about these changes!  Please visit us often, as we'll be adding additional products, sales and specials.  As always, we appreciate your support of Oakmoss.


pencilfox said...

no matter what: i love your shop products!
[you know i love me a good fragrant bar of OAKMOSS!]

heather smith jones said...

I'll have to stock up on Peace in the fall then!! (: