A New Year

Happy New Year, friends.

With this new year, I have a few things on my mind, some things I'd like to improve upon and do a little differently. Throughout the year, Alex and I come together to regroup and discuss our personal and family goals. I'd like to share a few with you today.

*Always first on my list of goals is to be more frugal. Over the years of being married to my fiscally-conservative husband, I'm slowly starting to pick up more of his habits, and will hopefully do so even more this year.

*It's a hope of mine to become better at meal planning and food budgeting. I have some ideas I'll be sharing in a later post.

*I'd like to be more present in this space and improve the feel here to make it more personal. I'm not yet satisfied with what I've created here, nor do I feel like it's quite 'me'. I'm also hoping to be posting more often with some sort of regularity.

*Finally, I'm hoping to spend more time focusing on my shop. I'd like to improve the layout, presentation and general feel, and again make it more my own.

I have more on my mind, I always do. There are several mama-sewing-cooking-knitting-photography-arts-crafts-animal-gardening and health related topics I've been thinking about, which I'll be sharing more of later on. So here's to looking forward and the start of a fresh year!

In the meantime friends, what are some goals on your lists at the start of this new year?


Molly said...

To get that chapbook published is right at the top. The New Year started off well--the longest poem in the manuscript was accepted on the first, huzzah! I'll keep at it and wish you a wonderful new year.

Oh: And probably learning new things, take a sewing class, enjoy our CSA, etc.

Jennifer said...

Meal planning and involving the kids more is one thing I am definitely working on. Also being more organized as far as the housework goes.


Sonia said...

Happy New Year dear friend !
Thanks for sharing your own goals & intentions for 2010, mine are about the same as you. Like Jennifer, I shall involve my boys more ... and my list could go on & on & on ... and I won't bother you here with this !
Can't wait to see how you're going to "remodel" your blog & shop !!
Big hugs, have a great week ! xoxo

carol finney mayer said...

to eat even more local this year. we already do very well...but we live in california and can do better.

and also to pay less attention and be nicer. the pay less attention part is proving to be the hardest!

him + her said...

i've really been enjoying your blog these last couple of months :)
good luck to you in the new year!
also, meal planning is the best thing i've ever done! good luck to you :)

shari said...

i love your plans for the new year and am looking forward to following along.

Anna said...

beautiful post! i too have a lot of goal that i have yet to reach for my space online, but it is nice to still have a supportive community along the way. can't wait to keep up with your progress.

Julia said...

happy new year amber! can't wait to see where this year takes you.