Thank you for your comments yesterday. I loved reading your goals and being reminded to include my son more in my daily activities. I appreciate you, friends, and the amazing inspiration you all are to me.

I've been thinking a lot about cosleeping lately and what an important part of our family it has been over these past couple years. It's a practice we're all happy with and one Alex and I are both advocates for.

During Burl's infant stage, there were countless benefits to cosleeping. Now that he's older, his needs have changed but the benefits of cosleeping are still just as important. One of my favorite benefits is the opportunity I have to mother him through the night. Is he comfortable? Is he too warm or cold? Did his blankets fall off? These are all questions I think about, even while I'm sleeping. With him laying right next to me, I'm able to hold him and mother him and take care of his needs throughout the night. We love cosleeping, and don't intend on doing things differently any time soon.

Every now and then I'll here him whisper, "Mama?". I just put my hand on his back and he breathes a sigh of contentment, "Mama". It's very sweet.

There are some great reads out there that support the practice of cosleeping and dispel many myths.
Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory

If it's something you're considering, I can't recommend it enough. If you practice cosleeping, leave a comment on what a favorite benefit of yours has been.


natalie said...

:) luke & i are always talking about choices we want to make when we are parents, and cosleeping is definitely one of them!

Jennifer said...

We cosleep as well, and I wouldn't have it any other way. With our first three, they slept in cribs right next to our bed, but the fourth babe needed to be closer. So we took out the crib, put our mattress on the floor and there we have it. She sleeps so much better, which means we sleep so much better. Often I will wake to feel her reach her little hand, or more likely her foot, over until she can feel me and then she goes right back to sleep.


Anna said...

i don't have kids but cosleeping is of high importance to me when i do have them. i know in my heart that the reason i feel so so close to my mom is because i slept in her bed growing up. i wouldn't want it any different for my children. it is an intimacy that can't be formed any other way.

sevenpoppies said...

We were co-sleepers until our son was around eight months old. We stopped for a few reasons - one being that I'm a light sleeper and secondly because my husband and I wanted a bit of our own bonding time together back. Our son took to his own crib immediately, which I was really surprised about since we had attempted in the past - he was ready for his own space too I guess.
He's fourteen months old now, and we try and try to get him into bed with us to snuggle - naps, or just snuggle time, and he won't have it. He finds it more amusing to poke our faces and such...
I do miss our co-sleeping time, and I'm so glad that we had that experience together. Despite the pokes and the jabs, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

laurata said...

I think it is wonderful when parents strive to meet their children's needs, day and night. You are so lucky to have a supportive spouse and sleeping situation that suites the whole family! :-)