Kitchen Essentials

Out of all the kitchen ware I have in my kitchen, quality knives are what I consider the most essential part of good cooking. Food tastes better when things are cut using good knives. Ingredients are more uniformly cut, and therefore cook more evenly, blending flavors more perfectly.

My preference are Wusthof and Henkles. I mainly use Wusthof because they just feel great in my hands. But I have several Henkles that I use for different reasons. They are definitely worth the investment, they last forever.

I have other kitchen items I just couldn't do without, like good pots and a quality cutting board. What are some essentials you have in your kitchen?


Jennifer said...

Good knives are a definite must. i love my new massive bowl, it's definitely a favourite item. My stick blender is a must as well, makes making smoothies and soups a breeze.


laurata said...

I agree. Good *sharp* knives that fit well in your hand are essential. I never knew what a joy it could be to chop up vegetables until we invested in two quality knifes and a sharpener. I am hoping for a new, bigger cutting board for Valentines or my birthday, another kitchen essential. A large stock pot and frying pan are also essential for me, since we make lots of stir fry. I am extremely fond of my rice cooker (not a cheapie, though I loved my cheap rice cooker also), although I wouldn't call it essential. I do use it every single day to make rice, lentils, or porridge.

pebbledash said...

Great knives (lovely photos by the way) are an investment worth making - my favourite is by David Mellor (uk) and when I left home (a good 25 years ago!) I invested in some le pentole saucepans, and they are amazing. Beautiful to look at, beautiful to cook with. And I love a good wooden spoon.

Anonymous said...

My kitchen essentials as of late have been: a big jar of flour, some yeast, and a good crunchy salt - throw in some other ingredients and i've made all kinds of pizzas, breads etc...im also currently loving pre-shredded carrots and cabbage bags from trader joes - they make stir fries too easy and our baby loves them - such an easy way to get extra veggies in!
good sharp knives are on my wishlist!

Anonymous said...

Mine are my Emma bridgewater teapot.Everytime I go into the kitchen to make a cuppa it reminds me of home and my family there (UK)
other than that,thing taste better when cooked in my cast iron pans and pots,be it le creuset or the two that I scored for a fiver at a yard sale.They rock,they came over on a boat from Belgium ninety years ago with a friends great grandmother,she had no use for them so she gave me a great deal at her sale because she knew how much I love to cook.Our sunday meatballs always taste best when simmered in those for hours and hours!