Freezing Water

Do you put out fresh water out for animals during the winter? You should. It's difficult for animals to find unfrozen water during winter. Quite often, the only unfrozen water they're able to find is water that's been treated with antifreeze. And while antifreeze is sweet to the taste, it's highly toxic and deadly. It's a common toxicity we see in the veterinary ER during winter months.

If you think of it, try leaving fresh, unfrozen bowls of water out for wildlife near you. I do it daily when it's freezing. I also put out water during summer months when water is sparse. My mom and dad taught me this :).


I'm planning on taking an apiary course starting February. It's a hobby my dad does and I've always wanted to learn more about.

Have a good weekend, friends.


megan/mason said...

I really need to start doing this since the weather has been so much colder than usual here. I imagine it has been a little shocking to our bird population. Where do you put the bowls? We have four dogs, so I'm not quite sure where they would be the safest. Maybe a nook in some of the lower branches?

Molly said...

I wish that made sense for us here, but in Minnesota in winter, especially in January, the water will freeze so quickly! We also live near the Mississippi, but not all wildlife can get there. Any advice?

I am very jealous of the apiary class. I have a friend who is an entomologist and has done studies with honeybees when they started disappearing (she has some interesting takes on that issue).