And The Winner Is...

Ella, from Little Red Caboose. I first came to know of Ella about a year ago, when I first made this quilt. In some ways, I think this fabric was supposed to go to her. I've been following her life online with her little boy, and I feel a kindredship with her. She seems to be living a similar life as mine, just a couple years ahead of me and a little further up the highway on the coast of BC.

You can find her here:

And how beautiful is her belly?!

I can't say enough how much I love and appreciate all your sweet comments!!! I really wish I had enough to send to all of you. I really, really do. I have more giveaways planned in the future, so please stay with me.

Thank you all, friends. You inspire me endlessly.

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Ella said...

i'm feeling like the luckiest gal ever at the moment. the thought of making a quilt feels huge but your own looks like one of the most cozy, earthy, beautiful ones that it may be enough to inspire completion.
Thank you again Amber. i'm very excited.