Burl's Little Nook

I created this little corner, just for Burl. I wanted him to have a comfortable, inviting corner where he can sit and read some of his books. I'm encouraging him to look through his books and take small moments throughout the day to sit here and rest and read. It's difficult for him, he's so busy and constantly on the go. And he's still in the stage where he loves to rip and peal his books apart. I spend quiet time with him here and encourage him to slow down a bit.

My parents recently gave me my childhood set of "Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon", copywrite 1970, and a series of 16 books. Burl absolutely loves them! I remember being captivated by them when I was little. I'm reading him just one at a time, and he's already developing a love for them. My parents spent quite a bit of money on these when my sisters and I were little. I find the complete sets on ebay, from $70 - $150. I recommend them to anyone who's interested.