Hooded Tunic


I can't say enough how much I love this sweater! It's so, so, so soft! And fits my sweet boy perfectly.

The details:
I used the Child's Hooded Tunic #232 pattern by Knitting Pure and Simple. The pattern was very simple and I love how the finished product fits. The yarn colorway is "Stephen", hand dyed by Angelina of Zen String, aka Wildflower Whimsy. It's certified organically grown Merino wool.

Burl loves it and constantly wants to wear it. I can't decide if I want him living in it and acting like a toddler in it, or if I should only let him wear it for special occasions. I think I'll let him live in it and get food and dirt and mud and other essential little boy substances on it.


Jennifer said...

So sweet. If you can bear it, I'd let him live in it. Think of all the wonderful memories you'll have of him in it, instead of saving it for good.

Molly said...

It looks so beautiful! And I'd let him live in it too... then he can look back and remember his favorite sweater that was knit by mama. xo

georgia said...

it's adorable! great colors on him too. i love all of the KPAS patterns.

you can get a sweater stone and brush it with the stome every so often. it will get the fuzzies off and keep it looking nice. and wash it with a lanolin soap. it will probably last for a long time :).

sevenpoppies said...

his colors match the scenes perfectly. i have yet to do a garment. after years and years. i get unsure. but h. has a hat which he wore. and a scarf he refuses.

Natalie said...

Awesome sweater! That's great! How are you? I hope all is well. Miss you.