Our Advent Calendar

Christmas tree aside, I've never been much of a Holiday decorator. But having a three year old has changed that a bit. This year, we decided to make an advent calendar. A quick google search brings up an overwhelming amount of ideas. I combined several that I saw and came up with this.

I recycled last years Autumn Nature Board by just adding a layer of white cotton. The past several days, Burl and I have been collecting things outside and making our own ornaments; berries, herbs from the garden, pine cones, feathers, etc.

I bought several little gifts from the Japanese dollar store to give as little treats; glue sticks, stickers, washi tape, etc. I've number little pieces of paper that have a single word inside telling him where his treat is hidden. With basic words like "car", "bed" and "sink", he'll be able to practice his reading.

This entire activity has been engaging for him and I'm excited to have this little activity to do each morning he wakes up.

Happy December, friends!


georgia said...

fun! it's beautiful, amber.

ELK said...

this is lovely ~ enjoy the time through the eyes of your little one~ linked this post today .

kt40s said...

What lovely idea!

Emily W. said...

what a brilliant idea and it looks beautiful too!