This Christmas..

..Was intentionally modest. Happily filled with just the right amount of simple, thoughtful and appropriate gifts. Alex and I take care to not shower our boys with lavish and overstimulating toys. We make certain to let them know that gifts come from hard work and love, not from a strange man in a red suit who brings them whatever they ask for. Plenty of thought went into Burl's gifts this year; books, interactive sensory games, dress up clothes, and art supplies; all which made this year particularly special. And for Bodhi, well, I'm all he needed this year :).

(Can't you just see in Bodhi's eyes how he gazes at me? Love. He tickles my soul.)


Mary Beth said...

What a sweet Christmas you seem to have had. We are right there with you with trying not to "overdo" the gift giving. And every year I wonder at the last minute, "is it enough?", but it is always fine.

Your baby looks super sweet, and I love his name.

Shayla said...

i love this. what an adorable christmas.