midnight friday night

i'm up late, making and preparing for my craft show tomorrow. i'm a little bit nervous. i tend to be quiet and awkward and shy and sometimes antisocial. so actually meeting people who will be buying my products is new to me and not something i'm comfortable with (yet). but i'm certain i'll have a good time. and i'm excited to meet new like-minded people in my community.


it was so sunny today! so i grabbed my polaroid auto 100 (which requires a lot of light) a cup of tea and we took our show outside. first on our deck for a bit, then to the beach. the beach was fun at first, but once the sun set, it was co-o-old! and burl was done with the whole thing (even thought the beach was his idea, funny kid). bodhi just slept, smushed up against me in our wrap happy as a clam. love these boys of mine, so much.

i hope you're enjoying your weekend, friends.

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Brittan said...

good luck! you will be fine... i am definitely awkward and shy, but once i get going i am fine. it also helps that you will be talking to people about what you do, so you already will know what to say!
have a great show!