What I Love: My Childhood Books

My mom, sisters and I have vivid memories of one night years ago trying to go to sleep. I was about 5. My mama was reading to us, *trying* to get her three little girls to sleep.

While she was reading, *trying* to settle us down, she read the words, "the peepers were peeping in the pond", which caused those three little girls and one mama to burst into laughter that lasted far longer than one would expect. It was one of those moments that the laughter was contagious and kept being passed from one to the other, building stronger and stronger with each giggle. It certainly did not help us fall asleep.

We don't remember the rest of the story or which book it came from. But we'll never forget those words, the laughter, the togetherness and the feeling of happiness we all felt.

Burl has no interest yet in falling asleep while I read to him. His preference is to fall asleep while nursing or being walked outside, usually the latter. Even better, doing both. Already though, we're creating nighttime memories of our own. And while I long for the day when he'll fall asleep (and stay asleep for that matter) more easily by simply reading to him, I know I'll miss these moments; out in the cold, with tired back and arms, holding my warm babe and singing to him while walking our streets.

I have boxes and boxes of books from my childhood to read through to find which book those words came from and just what that story of the "peepers peeping" was all about. I so look forward to re-reading these books in my home, trying to find those words again. And in my search, creating new bedtime memories with my own family.


Natalie said...

HOW NEAT!!! I love reading to Ella and Abby. I also loved to be read too when I was little. Burl is not sleeping through the night yet??? I am so sorry. Abby has been since she was like 8 or 9 weeks old. All on her own accord... I just would bring her to bed with me when she would wake up and try to hold her out with a binkie or me holding her and soon enough she went 9 or 10 hours without waking up. We have set backs sometimes, but she always goes back. I will keep my fingers crossed Burl will start sleeping better for you! You are such an amazing mom!!!!! I love and miss you!

Oakmoss said...

Ha! Sleeping through the night? What's that? I've forgotten what that feels like.
No, Burl rarely sleeps through the night. In fact, as we speak, Alex is up walking him around trying to get him back to sleep for like the 4th time. I hope he'll get the sleep thing down eventually as he grows older.
I am envious though that your little one is a good sleeper. And she's so cute on top of it, you're a fortunate mama!
Love and miss you too!

Natalie said...

You are great! Yes I am a very fortunate momma! I had the exact same problems with Ella. Until i stopped nursing her, I got up every 3 or 4 hours to nurse and then walk around for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to get her to go back to sleep. Sometimes I would place her down and have to start all over again. I know I had the biggest part to blame for her habits, but on the other hand I chose to walk her around or rock her and it was in her personality to be stubborn with sleep.. still is even though she has been sleeping through the night since she was 18 months old. Abby on the other hand I use to stress out and wake up after 6 or 7 hours straight of sleeping when she was only a week or two old and think... oh no she has not eaten forever and my milk supply. She has her nights of waking up after 7 hours or so... but usually 9 hours at least straight without eating. Now I just need to go to sleep earlier to get more sleep! Love you lots! Can't wait to see you. I think I maybe coming up for my nephews baptism beginning of December. We have to hook up then

saskia said...

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