I'm the Chris Rock in Burl's life. Nobody has ever thought I'm as funny as my son thinks I am. And while I'm certainly not the funniest person in the world, I most definitely am the funniest person in his world. And if I'm the Chris Rock, then that makes Alex the Eddie Murphy in his life as well.

This child of ours reminds Alex and I that there is no feeling quite like a good, long belly-laugh. He also reminds us that it's the simple things our loved ones do that can bring such laughter and happiness. I never imagined I could thoroughly enjoy myself as much by merely siting on my kitchen floor with a maraca and my babe and laughing till we get the hiccups.

What about you? What memories, current or past, do you have of a good long belly-laugh with your loved ones?


Tyler and Kelly Nieforth said...

Love that laugh!

Jess to the Lo said...

I love children's belly laughs!

One of my fondest belly laughs memories was soon after my parent's divorce my sister and I were visiting my dad; she had a friend or two over and my Dad and I had rented Pinnochio to watch together. I do not remember the scene now but my Dad laughed one of the biggest belly laughs I have ever heard him make; and it was special because up until the past year we have not had the best relationship. Sadly, he does not remember this night...

R&A said...

This is so adorable!! We need some belly laughs around here. I can't wait until Elisabeth starts doing that!

georgia said...

henry loves watching this video. he starts laughing right along with B :). my favorite part of baby laughs are the squeals in between the laughs.

Doralita said...

Hi Oakmoss,
Thanks for sharing the video, I had a big laugh along with you and the little dude. Just came across your blog, and love your delight in life! I'm just a sneeze north of you in Vancouver, BC. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.