Kitchen Poetry: Looking In and Looking Out

When we first bought our home, some asked why we bought a home with such a small kitchen, considering how much I enjoy cooking.
Here's why. The large deck right outside the kitchen that's just begging to be become an expansion. Someday.
Our home had so much of what we were looking for. And what it doesn't currently have, it has the potential to become.
But for now, we make do with what we have, give thanks and remember there are so many who have so much less.
We love our little home and everything inside. We feel so safe and comfortable inside our home and are so grateful it's ours.

*Thanks for joining me on my week of Kitchen Poetry.


Alyssa said...

I love your attitude. I have been struggling to like my house lately. It seems like everyone I know is in a new home with big rooms and fancy stuff. We are blessed to have the home we do and the fantastic yard with mature trees they don't. So what if 1978 was an off year for style and ammenities? I love your posts and think you have some great photographic talent!

Natalie said...

I love you! I miss you. So I have been meaning to tell you... I have had a lot that has been going on lately with me. I am getting surgery on the inside of my nose monday Dec. 1... I have never been able to breath through my nose my entire life except for one year. So I got a Cat scan and they found out why and now I need surgery. Then they found a lump (nodule they call it) on my left thyroid and I had a ultrasound and biopsy done on it just two days ago and they said it looked like something and they would let me know on Monday the results of my biopsy... then my veracose veins killed and I was in constant pain my whole last pregnancy and now they just hurt every once in awhile, so I went into a vascular doctor at a nice vein center and I might have pelvic congestion that I know nothing about and have an appt. on Dec. 8th to see their specialist to see if that's what it is that is causing the vein pain. I just wanted to get my nose and veins taken care of before I get pregnant again and now all this!!!!!!!!!! Crazy eh. I have been sad and then fine and then sad again. But all is well. Just wanted to tell someone who I know would care. You are wonderful. We miss you guys. Love all your posts and Happy Thanksgiving.