Kichen Poetry: Water Bowl

It may not seem like much, but so very much happens right here in this little corner of my kitchen and it just had to be part of this series. From preparing the dogs' meals, to filling water dishes, to redirecting the unconttrolabel temptation it is for Burl to play in these water dishes. Yes, I do indeed spend a lot of time bending down right here in this little corner of my kitchen.

(any ideas how to keep a baby out of water dishes and still allow access for the dogs? I was thinking the bathtub.)


Jess to the Lo said...

If you figure out a solution to the water bowl let me know! (For the next one, Millikins will at least stay out of them now! :D)

georgia said...

H is obsessed with the water bowl too. we have a baby gate to block off his access to the kitchen. when he hears that gate open he starts propelling himself to the kitchen as fast as he can. (obviously i haven't come up with a solution to this problem yet) :)