Kitchen Poetry

I'm only two weeks late, but I've decided to join SimpleSparrow on her journey of Kitchen Poetry. I've procrastinated because my kitchen is so so small that I'm not quite sure how I'll find a weeks worth of posts to discuss it. This will be an artistic challenge for me, so if your up for it, follow me on this experiment.
Everyday for the next week, I'll take you on a tour of my kitchen. As I've thought about this project, I've had to focus less on the things I dislike about my kitchen (the size, the faux-wood countertops, the linoleum floors), and have tried taking my focus to the things I truly enjoy about this little space of mine. And with a little one at my ankles, so much of my time is spent in our kitchen these days, so a series of posts about the heart of our home seems fitting.
For those of you who know me well, you know that cooking is my first passion. And for those of you who know me even better, know that I've inherited (yes, I am a lot like her) my mother's love for kitchen ware.
I suppose that's what this journey may turn out to be, a gallery of my most favorite pieces that make up my kitchen; new, gifted, heirlooms, and of course thrifted items.
So please ignore my kitchen's weaknesses and forgive my greenness with photography, and walk with me a little ways through my kitchen. If you'd like, join me and share a little about your kitchen as well.
Here goes...

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Jess to the Lo said...

for being 'green' at photography I like this photo of your teapot and tea bags! Looks very homy and welcoming.