It Was A Good Day

I've inherited my mother's love for thrifting, and I've become quite proficient at it the past several years. But it's been difficult for me to spend any amount time thrifting since Burl's birth, so it's been a while since experiencing the high of actually finding something I've been searching for.

Today on a whim, the three of us went on a quick thrifting trip to kill some time while waiting for my dad. Oh what a productive trip.

(Have I mentioned how I loathe our carpet and the color of our wood walls? We have hardwood floors underneath the carpet, but, that thin layer of carpet plays a big role in the small amount of insulation our chilly home has. So until we're able to better insulated our home, the carpet stays. More on our insulation saga in a later post.)

On our list of discoveries, *the* wooden, vintage, affordable rocking horse my mom and I have both had an eye out for. I see them on Craigslist, but not as charming or affordable as the one we found today. It made Burl's day. I think it made my mom's day even more.

It was indeed a good day of thrifting, spent with two of my favorite people.


Natalie said...

Fun!!! I am so glad you have found some great things!

georgia said...

he looks so cute on that rocking horse! H is still scared of his. awesome couch too. i should try to do more thrifting.