My Home: Our Corner

This photo represents well my life the past several months: Nursing babe with his hand in my mouth, us laying on a quilt I made, my favorite brown blanket (a wedding gift), cell phone and computer close by, Burt's Bees lip balm on hand (I'm a long-time addict), glass of water, pile of crafting magazines waiting to be organized, several in-progress knitting and crafting projects within reach.

Over the last several months, we've spent countless hours nursing, napping, and snuggling in this very spot; me, my baby and most of what is important to me. The only thing not obvious in the picture are the three little dogs snuggled under the blanket. And the only thing missing, is Alex. But he's usually close by on the other side of the room.

I'm a little sad, this corner, our little nook, will soon be changing. See the computer cords and the pedestal table? Both are unfriendly, (but oh so intriguing), to a little boy who is crawling, pulling himself up and starting to wonder on his own and discover new things; his favorite discoveries, dangerous areas! A new desk is on the lookout and will soon replace this little corner of ours.

For now, I'm savoring every moment I have with my little boy nursing in this very spot.


Natalie said...

How sweet! I hear you on savoring things and having to change things for the safety and growth of our loved little babies!!! Is this in your room or burls, the extra bedroom? I am just trying to place you guys in your house! Love you guys.

georgia said...

so you have to nurse with a hand in your mouth too huh? H likes to try to put his foot on my face at the same time. it's a wonder he gets any nursing done at all ;).

i love your cozy little nursing nook.

Oakmoss said...

Oh yeah, I nurse with a hand in my mouth. I also talk on the phone, catch up with my husband, *try* to eat my meals, and much much more. Those little hands are always in my mouth, it's his comfort thing.
Wow H, hands and feet on your mama's face while nursing, that's talent!

Oakmoss said...

Oh Natalie, this is in our computer/ spare/ office/ craft/ dog room. I painted over the hideous 80s pastel flower wallpaper. Much better now.