My Baby's One

I just tucked my little boy in for the night after a beautiful day spent celebrating his birth. The day was filled with family, loved ones, generous gifts, good food, laughing and so much more. And this night is one that I'll remember, I think forever. I love my nightly walks with my baby. They don't happen every night, but are quite frequent. And this time of year, this beginning of the Spring season, the air is exhilarating. Tonight was especially beautiful.

My father-in-law picked up this fantastic red wagon from craigslist several months ago, and tonight was the first time Burl and I were able to use it. I filled it with pillows and blankets, nestled him in and we started on our walk. I just knew he was going to love it. I knew it. At first his arms were reaching for me to hold him, but he soon settled in. We walked our streets, singing and talking to each other, listening to the frogs and the breeze and the neighbor's pond, watching the clouds and the stars and the trees, petting the neighborhood kitties, and just enjoying being together. He soon laid back and drifted off to sleep. I so badly wish this wagon pulled itself and was big enough for the both of us. Tonight was magical and the beginning of many nights, I suspect, spent alone with my baby in our new red wagon.


Natalie said...

OH my gosh, he is one! That is fantastic! It goes by too fast huh! I am excited when we are both prego again and can enjoy all the next stages of life sort of together! You are fabulous!!! Love you! What are you guys up to in May, thinking of coming up!!!

georgia said...

cute! looks like a cozy spot for a snooze. i'm looking forward to warmer, drier weather and wagon rides too.

happy birthday, B!