Generosity and Luck

My in-laws are the generous ones. Burl and I are the lucky ones.

I have in-laws that would give me the shirts off their backs, if I asked. I realize how fortunate and blessed I am to be part of their family. I also recognize how fortunate Burl is to have grandparents, on both sides, that would do anything for him.

Since our camera hasn't been working well, my father-in-law has generously lent us his Nikon. I've fallen in love with it and am dreaming up ways I can earn the money to buy my own.

My in-laws were also over the other day sharing their rented carpet cleaner. It's pretty cute to see Burl interacting more with other people as he gets older. He wanted nothing to do with me while this machine was running. Grandpa, Grandma and that loud machine he could ride on were all he wanted.

I'll mention again how badly I long for a change of color in my living room. Looking at pictures of my home confirms that, although a favorite color of mine, the orange tones just don't do it for me. And those hard woods under the carpet are screaming at me to be brought back to life.

Things have been a little slow in the sewing/ knitting/ painting areas. I thought Burl kept me busy when he was younger, but he's even more demanding now that he's walking. I'm slowly getting things done though. I just finished these sweet little cashmere pants. They'll be shipped down to San Francisco soon for my cousin's baby girl.

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