What Makes Me Happy

It's not a list today. Just one thing is filling my soul with an intense amount of happiness.

This boy's profile. It may just be my favorite physical characteristic of his.

There's a connection I have with his profile that no one else shares. It's my most vivid memory of first seeing him after his birth, just moments old, his sweet face nuzzled into me nursing. And the countless hours since then reconnecting to this position as mother and child. Indeed, this profile of his has been stared at for countless hours by me.

Alex hears it several times through out the day, "I love his profile!". And if he were any person other than his papa, he may just start to get tired of hearing it. But it's one of those thoughts I have that can't be contained.

And there are so many different expressions in this profile of his. They're so ephemeral, and so difficult to catch in a photo, but fixed forever in my mind.

I suspect I'll always have an endearing love towards his profile, even after he's all grown up. I predict I'll always be able to see my sweet nursing baby in his face, even once he starts shaving or has a family of his own.

It's my thought that no one else can see and love the side view of their child's face more than a nursing mama.

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