What Makes Me Happy

1. The amount I'm able to accomplish with less time spent at the computer.

2. My new (old) ironstone pitcher. This larger piece fits in nicely with the rest of my collection. And it's perfect for holding some of my larger knitting needles.

3. The realization that our son will grow with a knowledge of having an African- American as the leader of our Country. Political views aside, the strides of racial equality our Country has made since It's birth has moved me.

4. Burl's growing spoon collection. I pick these little silver and wooden spoons up from here and there. You'd be surprised how many little silver sugar spoons are floating around out there. And what's even better is how perfect their size is for my baby boy's mouth. And they're much safer than the toxic, plastic coated ones that are sold in the grocery stores.

5. The slow winter season which Alex goes through each year. We relax. He snowboards. We sleep in. We spend time reconnecting together as a family. Yes, this time together makes me very, very happy.

*Our camera's broken right now. My posts may be a little sparse until I'm able to take photographs again. But - this possibility of getting a bigger and better camera is anther thing that makes me happy.

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